Have the CCRs been modified to exclude windows from HOA coverage?

The CCR’s have not been modified regarding windows.  Window repairs are owner’s responsibility.  Insurance does cover window replacement in qualifying events.

How do I register my vehicle with the ACC gate?

All of the gate information is located on the website under Gate Access including toll tag registration, transmitter purchasing, Davenport Ranch park gate access, and the new Quick Pass Entry app.

Has the 1% sales fee been implemented?  If so, when was the first sale to be subject to this fee?

The 1% fee became effective in December 2020. Four units have been sold since tie implementation. The board was faced with the need for immediate action given the financial condition and budget constraints of the HOA.  Other remedies to the budget and deferred maintenance continue to be reviewed and considered and will be discussed at the June 9th annual meeting.

Where does the community stand in the three-year painting project since the HOA fees were raised for this purpose?

As stated in the 4/26 letter (posted on the portal dashboard), the painting project was paused last fall.  We are currently seeking bids for the next round of units.

Since parking is an issue with the ongoing construction in the community, what is the plan to mitigate the problem?

Yes, we believe construction will be a constant in the community for some time with owner remodeling, new construction and significant maintenance projects.  Every HOA approved project includes contractor notification of the parking restrictions.  It is also important for individual owners to reinforce parking restrictions with their day-to-day maintenance contractors.  The Parking Guidelines have been posted on the portal.  Contractors are considered guests and should follow such rules.

How will the following CCR restrictions be enforced?

Garage Use:  According to the CCRs, the garage should remain sufficiently clear of personal property to ensure that it can be used to park the number of vehicles for which it was originally designed.

Trash Cans Left Out:  When they are left out beyond a reasonable amount of time and consistently, a violation letter will be sent to the owner.

What do I need to do if I plan to remodel my unit?

Please complete the document located on the server at https://marinaclub.frontsteps.com/website_folders/CaKdp2bjsC2yrcsM4jQA2XbgbW3tM6pzDwrr and return it to CAM at support@camanagers.com

Have unit square footages been checked recently?

Square footages will be updated this year for all units.  If you have information from a sale or remodeling since 2016, please provide professionally obtained documents to CAM by May 31, 2021.  Otherwise, the Association will be paying to obtain the data.

What is the process for getting exterior maintenance done on our units or common areas?

There is a maintenance eForm on the website at this link:  https://marinaclubhoa.com/contact-us/

What is the agreement and expectations of the new landscape group?

Landscape Resources will be on the property weekly.  Duties include mowing, edging, trimming, debris, leaf and clipping removal, weeding, pruning, treating ant mounds, etc.  An additional bid is being obtained to address the winter freeze clean up.  They will also be removing the shoots off of the crepe myrtles.

Who on the board is the contact for landscaping?

All of the board members

Which company is now handling irrigation, pumps, leaks, etc. How do we report leaks of the irrigation system?

For all maintenance issues, please contact CAM at support@camanagers.com or fill out the eForm on the website.  For urgent matters concerning Association property after hours, please contact 512-552-6991.  Landscape Resources is handling irrigation maintenance and repairs.  Hollywood will be handling the pump.

Who is taking care of maintenance for Waterfront and assuring the guidelines are being followed?

CAM is also contracted for Waterfront.  For boat slip related questions, please email melissa@camanagers.com.  For maintenance items, please email support@camanagers.com.

How can people in my household get community emails if they aren’t currently?

You may go to the website at https://marinaclubhoa.com/ and Request Login.

My payments are on auto-draft, so how do I turn off notifications from the website portal?

You should go to your profile on the portal and change the notification settings.

Can my neighbors see my information in the directory on the portal?

They will only be able to view your information if you have selected “show your information” in the privacy settings in your portal profile.